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Create a content type and a content item programmatically

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  • We assume that you have a basic knowledge of how to create a custom Orchard Core CMS module. If not, you can learn it by following this content "Create a custom Orchard Core CMS module".
  • Code example of how to create a custom module is at
  • We assume that we've already created a map part and its required components, e.g. driver, models, views.
  • This content will be focusing on how to create an event content type and an event content item from a map part programmatically.

Update a migration file

  • We are going to update our existing Migration.cs in "Create a custom Orchard Core CMS module" content.
  • However, you can apply this technique to create a content type and a content item programmatically for your requirement.
  • Here is the example code after updating:
using OrchardCore.ContentManagement.Metadata.Settings;
using OrchardCore.ContentManagement.Metadata;
using OrchardCore.Data.Migration;
using Codesanook.Map.Models;
namespace Codesanook.Map
public class Migrations : DataMigration
IContentDefinitionManager _contentDefinitionManager;
public Migrations(IContentDefinitionManager contentDefinitionManager) =>
_contentDefinitionManager = contentDefinitionManager;
public int Create()
part => part
.WithDescription("Provide a map part for a content item")
return 1;
public async Task<int> UpdateFrom1Async()
await CreateEventContentItemAsync();
return 2;
private void CreateEventContentType()
type => type
.WithPart( nameof(AutoroutePart))
part => part.WithPosition("0") // Move a title input at the top of an editor page in the admin panel.
part => part
.WithEditor("Wysiwyg") // Use HTML what you see is what you get editor.
part => part.WithPosition("2")
private async Task CreateEventContentItemAsync()
var contentItem = await _contentManager.NewAsync("Event");
var titlePart =contentItem.As<TitlePart>();
titlePart.Title = "Orchard Core CMS meetup";
contentItem.DisplayText = titlePart.Title; // Text box for a title part in an admin panel read a value from DisplayText
titlePart.Apply(); // We need to explicitly call Apply to apply a change to content item
var htmlBodyPart = contentItem.As<HtmlBodyPart>();
htmlBodyPart.Html = "Orchard Core CMS meetup is coming soon";
var mapPart = contentItem.As<MapPart>();
htmlBodyPart.Latitude = -25.344;
htmlBodyPart.Longitude = 131.036;
await _contentManager.CreateAsync(contentItem, VersionOptions.Published);
  • Note, because we use a strongly type of model parts e.g. TitlePart, HtmlBodyPart, AutoroutePath, we need to reference the following packages to our module project (.csproj file).
<PackageReference Include="OrchardCore.Title" Version="1.0.0-rc2-16349" />
<PackageReference Include="OrchardCore.Html" Version="1.0.0-rc2-16349" />
<PackageReference Include="OrchardCore.Autoroute" Version="1.0.0-rc2-16349" />
  • Start a project with dotnet watch run or dotnet run, your migration version should be updated to version 2 and a content type and a content item will be created successfully.
  • To check if an event content item is created properly, login to admin panel and navigate to Content > Content Items.
  • You will find your event content item created by `Migration.cs file.
  • Optionally, you can check your current migration version in a database with the following SQL query (Work for SQL server only).
SELECT * WHERE [Type] = 'OrchardCore.Data.Migration.Records.DataMigrationRecord, OrchardCore.Data'
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