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Azure VM

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  • Create an Azure account.
  • Setup Azure CLI.
  • Log in with Azure CLI.
  • Create a resource group.
  • To learn how to create all requirements step by step, please check Azure CLI content.

Create Azure VM

$ az vm create \
--resource-group <RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME> \
--name <VM_NAME> \
--public-ip-address-dns-name <DNS_NAME> \
--image <VM_IMAGE_NAME> \
--size <VM_SIZE> \
--admin-username <USER_ACCOUNT_NAME> \
--location <LOCATION>
  • Change USER_ACCOUNT_NAME to your resource group.
  • Change VM_NAME to your VM name.
  • Change DNS_NAME to your unique DNS name.
  • Change VM_IMAGE_NAME to a VM image name. To list all available VM images in the Azure Marketplace, use az vm image list --location <LOCATION> --output table
  • Change USER_ACCOUNT_NAME to a name of your VM account.
  • Change location to where you want to create VM. To list all locations, use az account list-locations --output table
  • To list all VM sizes, use az vm list-sizes --location <LOCATION> --output table
  • The --generate-ssh-keys parameter is used to automatically generate an SSH key, and put it in the default key location (~/.ssh). To use a specific set of keys instead, use the --ssh-key-values option.

Example code to create Azure VM with Ubuntu LTS OS

$ az vm create \
--resource-group codesanook-example-resource-group \
--name codesanook-example-vm \
--public-ip-address-dns-name codesanook-example-vm \
--image UbuntuLTS \
--admin-username codesanook-example-vm-admin \
--location japaneast \
--size Standard_B1ls \
--public-ip-sku Standard \

Example code to create Azure VM with Windows 10 OS

$ az vm create \
--resource-group codesanook-example-resource-group \
--name cs-example-vm \
--public-ip-address-dns-name cs-example-vm \
--image MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:windows10preview:win10-22h2-pro:19045.2130.221006 \
--admin-username codesanook-example-vm-admin \
--admin-password 'very-strong-password' \
--location japaneast \
--size Standard_B2s \
--public-ip-sku Standard

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