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git rm

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Untrack all files that already added to a repository

  • Optionally, commit any code changes
  • Add file/folder that you want to ignore to .gitignore file
  • Then run the following command:
git rm -r --cached .

This removes any changed files from the index(staging area).

  • Explain rm command

    • rm is the remove command
    • -r will allow recursive removal
    • –cached will only remove files from the index. Your files will still be there.
    • The . indicates that all files will be untracked. You can untrack a specific file with git rm --cached foo.txt.
    • The rm command can be unforgiving. If you wish to try what it does beforehand, add the -n or --dry-run flag to test things out.
  • Then run:

git add .

This add all changes files to a staging area.

  • Verify what you have changed.
git log

This will show all ignored file are mark as deleted

  • Create a new commit:
git commit -m ".gitignore is now working"


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