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GitHub Actions VS Azure DevOps Pipelines

Git RepositoryEdit on Github
GitHub ActionsAzure DevOps Pipelines
Number of concurrent jobs for a private projectFor free plan, 20 concurrent jobs only one job, not support concurrent (Microsoft hosted, private repo, free option)
Maximum time for each job6 hours for each job and 72 hours for each workflow1 hour
Total build time for a month (private repo)2,000 minutes (33 hours, 20 minutes) 1,800 minutes (30 hours)
Deploy to App Service container with a custom image and Azure container registry
Number of extensions7,241 Actions (Feb 18th, 2021) 1,182 Pipelines (Feb 18th, 2021)
Code example to deploy ASP.NET Core MVC to Azure App Service (Code)
Supported languages for creating an extensionSupport container based action so you can use any languages. Typescript or PowerShell
Code scanningBuilt-in code scanning and can integrate with 3rd party security gatesOnly integrate with 3rd party security gates
Automation purposeGitHub Actions can be used to automate make code reviews, branch management, and issue tracking.Azure Pipelines are primarily used to automate CI/CD
Conditional expression syntax${{ env.str == 'ABC' && env.num == 123 }}and(eq(variables.str, 'ABC'), eq(variables.num, 123))
Build, ReleaseGitHub Packages give a good integration experience if already used GitHub repositoryAzure Artifacts supports granular permissions control, auditing, and anonymous access
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