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Database naming convention

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Using plural or singular table name

Using plural name

  • A table is a collection of entity and it is logical to use plural name for a table.
  • It makes sense to write SQL statement to get all records from your table, e.g. select * from customers

Using singular name

  • Use singular table name when pointing to a database record is more natural than plural name. e.g. select and select
    • For plural table name, you can use table alias e.g. select from customers as customer.
  • It avoids confusion of English pluralization:
    • activity becomes activities
    • person becomes people
    • data remains data
    • history remains history (uncountable noun, only singular form)
  • It avoids confusion when use a link table.
    • Orders and Products tables would give OrderProducts or OrdersProducts. Neither sounds correct.
  • When using singular, you can consider using the set theory to a table. It means any instance in the set is representative of the set.
  • Table represents a collection of entity. Then we don't need to emphasize it by plural naming.
  • Consistent foreign key column's name with table prefix pattern e.g. customer_id not customers_id.
  • If you want to identify a collection in an application, you can use a plural name such as customers.
  • For ORM e.g. Enitiy Framwork (EF), you can access an entity as dbContext.DbSet<Customer> which is consistent with a singular table name.

Which one should I use?

  • I personally prefer singular table name.
  • Be consistent naming in matter of plural or singular table name you choose.


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