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Working with a file

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Convert end of line CRLF to LF

PS> $path = ".\file-name.txt"; `
(Get-Content $path -Raw).Replace("rn", "`n") `
| Set-Content $Path -NoNewline -Force

Find all folders contain a specific file name

  • For example, find yarn.lock and are not in node_modules folder
    PS> Get-ChildItem -Path . -Recurse -Filter "yarn.lock" `
    | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DirectoryName -Unique `
    | Where-Object { $_ -NotMatch "node_modules" }

Rename all files in a folder

PS> gci | ren -NewName { $_.Name -replace "old-name", "new-name" }

Get all files' names in the current directory

Bash with ls and grep commands

$ ls -al | grep -Po "(?<=\s)[\w\-\.]+$"

Short explaination of the Regex patern:

  • Find any string which contains A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, - and . at the end of a line and has a single space before it.

More detail of matches:

  • (?<=\s), match the position only which has a single space come before it and start a new search position.
  • [\w\-\.]+, match [a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.] at least one character
  • $ match the position after the last character at the end of line.

PowerShell with Get-ChildItem and Select-Object Cmdlets

PS> gci | select name
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