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Run xUnit in VS Code

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Run xUnit test cases in VS Code

Install .NET Core Test Explorer

  • Open VS Code at root of your project that container a unit test code.
  • After VS Code is ready, click Extensions icon on left sidebar menu.
  • Search for ".NET Core Test Explorer", then click install.

Run a test case

  1. On left sidebar menu, click Testing icon.
  2. You should find your test cases grouped by a namespace. If not, click a refresh button.
  3. Expand a namespace to find your test case.
  4. Click a "Run Test" button to run an individual test or click the button on a namespace to run all test cases in a namespace.
  5. If your test passes, you should find a green check mark before your test case's name. If not, you will find a red cross mark instead.

run xunit in vs code

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