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git checkout

Git RepositoryEdit on Github

Basic commands

  • Create a branch based on the current branch

    git checkout -b "new-branch-name"
  • Create a branch based on the hash value or relative to the latest commit of the current branch

    git checkout -b "new-branch-name" <sha1-of-commit or HEAD~3>
  • How to reset or revert a file to a specific revision?

    git checkout c5f567 -- file1/to/restore file2/to/restore
  • Hard reset of a single file

    git checkout -- file-name-that-you-deleted
  • -- basically means: treat every argument after -- as a file name. More details, please refer to this link.

Checking out a PR branch for coding review

  • Add a contributor's remote:

    $ git remote add [REFERENCE_NAME] [email protected]:[CONTRIBUTOR_USERNAME]/[REPOSITORY]
  • REFERENCE_NAME is usually a contributor's name, e.g. aaron, mild.

  • Then, fetch all branches of a contributor's remote.

    $ git fetch [REFERENCE_NAME]
  • Git will suggest a local branch and a tracking remote branch that you can checkout later without -b option which you can't do in other cases"

    * [new branch] branch-name -> [REFERENCE_NAME]/branch-name
  • You can now checkout a new branch with:

    $ git checkout branch-name
  • This keeps a local branch on your computer.

  • You can also checkout a temporary branch with:

    $ git checkout [REFERENCE_NAME]/branch-name
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